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Interequip - Imports Diagnostic scanners lathes, hoists, cooland and gas cleaners from Austrialia
Autel Diagnostic Products Range: from MD802 MaxicheckPro to Maxisys Elite

Autel Diagnostic Products Range: from MD802 MaxicheckPro to Maxisys Elite


Autel, total solution for Diagnostic scan tool from tyre or panel beating shop to dealership


Autel, the largest supplier of diagnosit tools in world, from  the legendary high performance and extremely affordable Maxidas DS708 scanner,


Autel has launched a full range of diagnosis products, from small tools like Maxicheck Pro and Maxidiag Elite MD802 designed for quick service to the newly released Maxisys bluetooth tablet scan tools. The top of the range, MaxisysPro tablet scanner, comes with J2534 module for reflashing control module,high quality 9.7 inch LED color touch screen, lithium battery, quad core samsung processor, enables users to communicate wirelessly to the car, browse internet, update software, check vehicle repair information, and submit trouble datalog files to Autel server at one finger clip. Among all the advanced features, the MaxisysPro built in hardware enables users to do deep level functions and ECU flash programming for GM and Ford with subcription to dealership program. And with more than 280 engineers worldwide and support from Interequip Pty Ltd, the software it's becoming more and more comprehensive every day.


The Autel product range, from Maxicheck Pro, MaxiDiag MD802, Maxidas DS708, Maxisys MS906, Maxisys Mini, Maxisys, Maxisys Pro to the Maxisys Elite, has been supported and used by thousands of workshops, dealerships, and multi franchise stores in Australia, including Jax Quick Fix tyres, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Jobson Tyres Ultratune, etc.


No matter you are a panel beater or tyre shop just need to quickly reset oil light, program electronic park brake, or you are a dealership that needs to work on deep level ECU programming, Autel diagnostic’s  can be a money maker for your business and solution for modern car repair and maintenance. You can buy the Autel diagnosis products from Burson Auto Parts or contact Interequip Pty Ltd, 18000EQUIP (1800 037 847), info@interequip.com.au. For more product information, please visit www.interequip.com.au or www.autel.net.au. Autel official website: www.auteltech.com.



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