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AutoPro Up Made in Korea PS2000 30 ton Workshop Press

AutoPro Up Made in Korea PS2000 30 ton Workshop Press

Introducing the AutoPro Up PS2000 30 ton Shop Multi Press The PS2000 has been designed and manufactured in Korea specifically for the needs and requirements of the Automotive Repairer. With a 30 ton rating operated by a conveniently located foot pedal “Air over Hydraulic  Pump“ the PS2000 performs all the needs faced on a daily basis whether you are repairing power trains, drive line components, suspension, wheel bearings or general tooling. The PS2000 comes with a list of features as standard and being designed for the automotive repairer has its added benefits in being a single compact unit that is highly versatile and particularly suited to workshops where minimal space is available.

Press any bearing or bush with PRECISION and ACCURACY in minutes, saving valuable workshop time. The Smooth Operation of the AIR over Hydraulic Foot Pedal provides hands-free accuracy & control. Even the most difficult pressing tasks become SAFE & EASY.


The built in Strut Spring Compressor makes removing and installing Suspension Springs a BREEZE. All the mounting adapters for the base of the strut are simple to lock in with no tools required and the spring mounting hooks adjust in seconds with a safety cage as standard. Not only does the PS2000 Strut Spring Compressor overcome the Occupational Health & Safety concerns of your employees but dramatically reduces the time required helping to increase shop profits.


The PS2000 has solved the dangerous issue of attempting to stabilise a wheel bearing hub assembly when there are no flat surfaces available. Simply suspend the hub in the hub mounts and press the bearings in and out without fuss.


The 29 piece adaptor, Bearing Separator,  Die and Spacer Kit comes standard with the PS2000 ensuring safe work practices, along with the conveniently side mounted storage board that helps keep everything organized.  


The hand winch takes the effort out of adjusting the PS2000 Table with the convenience of the front mounted Safety Guard. The 30ton PS2000 Shop Multi Press is Strong, Powerful, High Quality and Endurable. It is Korean Made.

For more information on dimensions and video links on the Spring Compressor operation please visit www.interequip.com.au or phone: 1800EQUIP  (1800 037 847)

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