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BulletPro DPF1000 Editorial

BulletPro DPF1000 Editorial

Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are now found on most late model diesel vehicles. Their job is to trap the diesel particulate matter found in the exhaust system reducing diesel particulate emissions and when required the DPF regenerates to clean itself. However as we all know in industry more often than not these tend to block up as daily driving does not meet the requirements for the DPF regeneration , so now as part of regular maintenance these DPF’s need to be cleaned to avoid the DPF becoming restricted and causing the warning light to appear on the instrument cluster or worse the vehicle going into limp mode. Here at the Northern Sydney Institute we tested the Interequip DPF1000 Diesel particulate filter cleaner. This two part cleaning system injects the cleaner into the DPF then uses the engine to complete the cleaning cycle. The DPF 1000 also has an intake cleaning function however this test only focuses on the DPF cleaning function. We carried out a DPF clean on our 2012 diesel Subaru Forester and after removing the undertray and locating the DPF pressure sensor we connected the DPF 1000 and injected part 1 of the cleaner. You will need air pressure throughout the procedure to inject the cleaners and the unit has an inbuilt regulator to avoid any over pressurisation. We then carried out the second part of the procedure and injected part 2 of the cleaner whilst running the engine at 2000RPM. The cleaner does come out of the exhaust so you will need a drain tray under the tailpipe. To monitor the results we checked  the DPF data before and after the clean  and the data showed an improvement in DPF operation. This was a simple procedure to carry out and the unit is compact and easy to use. As DPF cleaning is becoming a more common practice in modern automotive workshops it would be worth considering investing in the DPF1000 from Interquip and suggesting a DPF clean to your customers next time they are in for a service. It just might save them the angst of that warning light on the dash.
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