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Carman i700 and i300 is able to program Engine Control Unit (ECU) on the Holden/Opel Astra G.

Carman i700 and i300 is able to program Engine Control Unit (ECU) on the Holden/Opel Astra G.

More Than Just Another Diagnostic Scan Tool.
Carman International have again proven themselves to be more than just another
Automotive Diagnostic Scan tool by leading the industry with solutions for Automotive
Workshops. Carman International were requested by the Australian sole distributor to
provide a solution to the automotive repair industry with the ongoing failure with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) on the Holden/Opel Astra G. The life span of these engine computers has come to an end with ongoing internal failures incurring expensive and complicated procedures required to flash software and program the new replacement ECU. Carman International has in return supplied the Automotive repair industry a simple COST effective solution that now every workshop can provide with the fastest turnaround time that will maximize workshop productivity and increased profit margins.
Obtaining the individual security PIN code unique for each different vehicle is the first
challenge faced by workshops. Carman solved this by becoming the FIRST OEM Diagnostic Scan Tool in the World that can read and recover the Original PIN code stored within the original faulty ECU. Now the repairer simply just reads and records the Original PIN code that is required during the re-coding of the immobilizer after the ECU has been replaced. Also this feature is indispensable when new keys may require programming.
The Carman has also reversed the necessity of the repairer to have a software subscription account along with strong internet access, storing the Engine Calibration file internally within the Carman Scan tool converts expenses into profits and significantly simplifying the repair process. This feature has a great impact for mobile repairers who do not have the full convenience of a workshop. The Carman also has full functions needed to carry out the "Variant" coding and C.A.N coding after ECU installation along with full immobilizer capabilities including resetting the PIN code of the immobilizer and Engine Computer back to a virgin state.

This special software for Holden and Opel Astra G is applied only to Interequip Australia's units.

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