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M&B Engineering SL555 Italian leverless tyre changer

M&B Engineering SL555 Italian leverless tyre changer


"Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability". 


Sometimes the best results come from evolution rather than revolution.


Complex lever less tyre changer's have been around for some time but M&B Engineering have pared back the complications to reveal a simple and reliable lever less tyre fitting machine. In the M&B TC555 there are no dedicated proprietary electronic circuit boards, no complicated electro servo's, voltage transformers or solenoids. This machine works on simple and reliable air power with a traditional electric motor for wheel rotation. In plain English that means you can access the benefits of lever less technology without the complications and higher purchase price. It also means ease, speed of use and of course cheaper, possibly faster repairs. The TC555 features a centre mount wheel mounting, an articulated bead presser, a wheel lift and best of all a traditional style shovel bead breaker for factory alloy wheels. For difficult UHP or Run Flat tyres it features a roller bead breaker.


Lever less tyre fitting machines don't fit all tyre store applications. For advice on whether this type of machine is suitable for your requirements please ring on 0404198699 or don@interequip.com.au


Check on youtube video on run flat tyre removal and fitting demo:



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