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Made in Italy 3D New Dimension Wheel Aligner

Made in Italy 3D New Dimension Wheel Aligner


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There is no need to perform run out compensations if supplied with the optional wheel hanger clamps or quick clamps.

To access all live toe and camber readings simultaneously simply right click once then select option 3. 

The operator is then free to choose how and when each screen is accessed. This means the vehicle can be checked without the need to enter customer details or select a vehicle, just simply jump straight in to live readings.

The alignment can be performed using vehicle specifications and then delete them before printing. The system still retains the before and after readings which is saved on hard drive and/or printed.

Metal wheel targets minimises or eliminates damage from an accidental drop.

The targets are positioned flat, in line with the wheel meaning there is little or no chance of an accidental strike by a customer or technician walking around the car.

Side facing camera's mean there is no minimum distance between hoist and wall. Freely mountable on pedestals, suspended from the workshop ceiling or with the standard booms. Can be mounted on a drive through hoist or pit.

No need to purchase a scissor lift! This aligner fits any four post hoist without the need to bolt on adapters.

No additional software to purchase. The Vamag New Dimension is supplied fully optioned including Australian specifications from Autodata.

No need to move a boom up or down the New Dimension automatically tracks each wheel target.

The operator is free to choose where they stand without worrying about interrupting the camera view. The operator can stand between the car and aligner console or in a natural position whilst performing caster swings.

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