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Made in Italy 8 Sensor CCD Wheel Aligner

Made in Italy 8 Sensor CCD Wheel Aligner

The alignment data transfer WA8SBT model is part of the new generation of cable/wireless eight-sensor, easy-to-use equipment for workshops, for the quick and accurate measuring of wheel-specific angles. The M&B WA8SBT handy and reliable system incorporates Bluetooth® transfer and/or cable connection for transmission and reception. The wheel alignment software operates in the Windows environment with 3D detailed graphics and fast execution of the program through six-function keys assisting the end-user in measuring operation. All measuring operations are selectable from the keyboard of each measuring head. The inbuilt databank includes more than 15,000 technical cards detailing vehicle features including Australian manufactured vehicles. There is also the option of entering new vehicles into the databank by the technician for custom vehicles or racing applications. The M&B WA8SBT incorporates inbuilt automatic compensation of caster measure according to different level heights of the axles with jack-hold and the “freezing” program of the detected measures. The M&B WA8SBT is compatible with the toe-in curve measuring procedure according to VAG vehicle specifications. Printable summary reports are available which compare the before and after specifications of the carried out vehicle along with contemporary display of all the axle data on screen. It is also possible to search the databank by customer name or by vehicle registration number.



•  Wheeled cabinet with side supports for fitting and recharging measuring heads

•  19-inch LCD colour, high-definition monitor. Mono laser printer 

•  Set of four measuring heads, handy and ultra-light, equipped with soft-touch keyboard and eight CCD high-resolution sensors. Cable/wireless measuring heads with long-lasting battery included


Features include:

•  Eight CCD sensor cameras – two CCD cameras per target

•  Bluetooth® and cable data transmission

•  Built-in database with over 15,000 vehicles including Australian models

•  User updatable database for custom vehicles or racing applications

•  Dynamic database in relation to vehicle chassis height. The database automatically modifies the alignment specifications based on chassis height

•  Rechargeable sensor heads via cable connection to PC

•  User friendly alignment software to guide the operator through the alignment process


M&B also supplies upper model 3D wheel aligner.
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