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Made in Italy TC525PG Tyre Changer With Assisting Arm

Made in Italy TC525PG Tyre Changer With Assisting Arm

Content Written by Tafe North Sydney:

I recently tested the M&B Engineering TC525PG tyre changing machine from Interequip. M&B Engineering has thought of every potential tyre situation. From the top and bottom rollers to the rotating bead depressor, it’s all designed to make life easy and keep your fingers out of the tyre and rim zone. I tested this machine on a difficult tyre: a 225/40/17 on a 7-inch BMW rim. Kaz from Northern Beaches Wheel & Tyre Centre, a new business in Brookvale working with workshops and retail customers, provided a few new tyres at an unbelievable price. Give Kaz a call on (02) 9938 4413. The bead was easily broken with the side-mounted arm which is controlled by one of the four foot pedals. From there the wheel is clamped on the top bead. I then placed the top roller onto the bead and rotated the tyre for a few turns, then put the roller underneath for a few turns. The right pedal then brings down the column that contains the foot that will eventually lift the tyre over the rim. This came down gently and allowed me to place the foot against the rim. Once locked in place, the foot moved backwards a small amount to prevent any chance of rim scratch due to flex. This feature is essential with modern rims and stiff sidewall tyres. Lifting the bead over the foot with a tyre lever can be difficult as the stiff sidewall and wide tyre does not want to drop into the well of the rim. But it wasn’t a problem for this machine. One of the side arm gadgets has a foot that pushed this down. With the tyre over the top of the rim it was simply a matter of rotating the turntable. To provide a little extra help I used the roller under the bottom bead to lift the tyre up slightly. That little stiff tyre simply rolled off with no effort at all. The next step was to remove the bottom bead. The column is moved back and the tyre is removed with the roller. Simply place the roller under the bead and lift it up as you are rotating. I would not have been able to fit the tyres without the side accessory arms and rollers. I slimed up the tyre and rim and the first bead popped on with no effort however the second bead required a bit of help. The main problem of fitting modern tyres is that the opposite side of the tyre will not drop into the well of the rim. The tyres are simply too stiff to push down by hand during the rotating of the rim. The rotating foot was used to push the tyre bead down into the well. The rotating foot moved around as the bed rotated and the
tyre slipped on with ease. This machine seems to have been designed to cover every difficult circumstance that could arise. It’s a full package with water filters for the air supply, a long cable, a handy clip for the tyre lube container, simple instructions and much more. Check out www.youtube.com/ watch?v=EPwJfm7jYUY for a look at the operation.

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