BulletPro 606 Diesel Smoke Opacimeter with printer diagnostic tool
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BulletPro 606 Diesel Smoke Opacimeter with printer


    • Split structure, separated measuring unit and control unit for easy operation.
    • Large LCD screen, interactive menu with opacity reading and light absorption
    • coefficient reading, simple direct and convenient operation.
    • With functions of free acceleration test and measurement of transients, automatic process of test data and display of 10 minutes warm-up time, automatic zero reset.
    • With adoption of advanced partial flow technology, measuring unit tests smoke emissions of diesel-powered vehicles directly."Scavenge air curtain" technology prevents the optical system from being polluted.
    • With constant temperature control in the sample cell, it can avoid condensation and influence of accuracy due to change of temperature.
    • Equipped with micro printer and RS-232C Serial interface to communicate with external computer.
    • The performance meets the requirements of ISO11614 and GB3847-2005.


Measuring range: Opacity (N) : 0 to 99.99%     

Light absorption coefficient(k) : 0 to 16.0m

Revolving speed: 300 to 9999 rpm   

Oil temperature : -50 to 120 ºC

Indication error: Opacity(N) : ± 2.0 %

Resolution: Opacity(N) : 0.1 %

Accuracy: Opacity(uncorrected): 2.0% (absolute error) 

Oil temperature: 2 ºC (absolute error)

Revolving speed (piezoelectric): 1.0% (relative error)

Effective length of optical path : 215mm  

Equivalent length of optical path: 430mm

Length of sampling probe: 2.5m    

Power consumption: 200W  

Power supply: AC 240V 50Hz    

Weight: Control unit 5.5 kg (including printer) Measuring unit: 6.5 kg

Dimension: Control unit 370 x 280 x 220 mm  Measuring unit: 410 x 215 x 360 mm