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JL269 Portable Combustible Gas Leak Detector


  • Gas sensor Type: Solid semi-conductor gas sensor
  • Detecting Gas LPG, Ammonium (NH3), Methane, Natural gas, Hydrogen, Coal gas, Propane, Acetone, Gasoline, Refrigerant, Ethanol Oxide, Sulfured Hydrogen, Lacquer, Diluents, Alcohol, Gas Fuel ETC
  • Quick response to combustible gas leakage
  • Sensitivity: <50 ppm Methane variable
  • Startup Time: < 30 sec
  • Response Time: < 3 sec
  • Visible Indication: Power ?V
    Green LED indication
    Orange Excessive Low power warning
  • Gas concentration alarming -- ten levels gas leakage volume LED indicating combustible gas concentration,
  • Audible Indication: 0.5 to 1 KHz, quicker buzzing frequency means higher gas concentration.
  • Miniature size, single-handed operating design
  • Power: 9V Alkaline battery
  • Battery Life: More than 8 hours continuous working
  • Low battery alarm indication
  • Dimension: 170mm x 62mm x 26mm (Lx W x H)
  • Weight: Approx. 800g
  • Working Condition Tem.-20 degree ~ 50 degree
  • Hum.<98%RH No condensation
  • JL269 Portable Combustible Gas Leak Detector