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BulletPro Fuel Injector Cleaner (8 cylinder, on/off car, deluxe adaptor kit)

Features of Injector Cleaner

Bosch Pump inside the BulletPro Injector cleaner measures the leakage and blockage atomization of the injector,and injection angle, testing the injection quantity and uniformity for each injector at different rotational speeds with twin pumps. Tests by timer manually or by count with the background and flash gun for observing the atomization. It can clean and test 8 injectors simultaneously within 10 minutes.

Injector cleaners do they work

Emergency stop, a special design to prevent accidents. Cleans and tests various injectors with high/low resistance and voltage. Computer controlled accurate pressure adjustment and high temperature protection. A variety of connectors and seals provided for different injectors, including hose-tall, type K-jetronic systems, mono-injection systems TBI. Change accessories without disconnecting the injectors from the engine. Environment-friendly with harmless, odorless, and inflammable liquid. Automatic discharges of the liquid.

Specification of injector cleaner

Rotation speed: 0 ~ 9975r/min step: 25r/min

Pulse width: 0 ~ 30ms step: 0.10times

Counter: 0 ~ 9975 times step: 25 times

System pressure: 2 ~ 65kg/cm2

Tank capacity: 4L

Tube capacity: 120cc

Power supply: AC220V ?? 10%, 50Hz, 500W

Ultrasonic frequency: 25KHz

Ultrasonic power: 100W

Dimension: 390mm(L) x 480mm (W) x 420mm(H)

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  • BulletPro Fuel Injector Cleaner (8 cylinder, on/off car, deluxe adaptor kit)
  • 8d injector cleaner