BulletPro Elite BP4X 4 Post Alignment Lift with 2 Jacks
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BulletPro Elite BP4X 4 Post Alignment Lift with 2 Jacks

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To order this hoist or ask questions please ring Don 0404198699

Comes with remote control.

Optional extra long drive on ramp available

Lifting capacity: 4 ton

secondary lifting capacity: 2 ton

Real world benefits in plain English:


  • Primary ‘park’ locks allow a load to be held on locks rather than suspended on cables and the hydraulics.
  • Secondary cable break locks are automatically engaged if in the unlikely event a cable should fail. These locks are a positive engagement "pawl" type lock rather than an eccentric knurled cam type lock. This simply means that it is impossible for the locks to wear or slip.
  • Lock increments of 200mm means the hoist can be locked at any convenient height.
  • Electrically controlled locks. There is no need to run an air supply to the hoist. Something which is quite often overlooked when ordering and installing a four post hoist.
  • Hydraulic overload protection means any overweight vehicle cannot be lifted.
  • Hydraulic parachute valve protection. Will automatically deploy if a hose should fail. This will allow the hoist to descend at a controlled pace and settle on its nearest lock.
  • The locks automatically deploy - There is no need to remember to put the locks on before you walk under.
  • Dead man controls means if the hoist was suddenly left unattended it will stop and the locks will AUTOMATICALLY deploy.
  • This hoist is fitted with a pull style ram meaning it is impossible for the ram to "over stroke". If a limit switch were to fail on this hoist and the hoist were to continue until the ram could travel no further the ram will be fully retracted, this is an entirely safe situation. Some push type rams have the ability to "push themselves apart" if a limit switch fails. Most quality rams are kept together by screw end caps but please check to make sure if the hoist you are looking at purchasing has a push or pull type ram. If it has a push type, please make sure the ram is not held together with a circlip. Push type rams are generally cheaper to make (but can be found in some expensive four post hoists) as the sealing system is much simpler. This hoist is supplied with a pull type ram.
  • All pulleys have grease nipples to ensure regular lubrication and the replacement of older, less effective grease can be easily achieved. The use of high quality teflon coated bushes ensures that even if the hoist surpases its lubrication scheduled times the bushes will last. The use of grease nipples also ensures the initial assembly lubrication doesn't need to last ten years.
  • When pressing the down button the hoist will raise slightly before coming down. The most common way a vehicle falls off of a four post hoist is if one corner of the hoist does not unlock. The auto up feature ensures ALL corners unlock at the same time resulting in a much safer descent. Although this feature can be annoying on two post hoists it is certainly required on a four post hoist due to the longer cables and uneven loadings of different vehicles.
  • The twin hydraulic jacks are plumbed back into the main lifting motor. This keeps maintenance to a minimum as only one pump and motor is required to power the main hoist and both jacks. It also means no air supply needs to be available for the jacks. Unless the air supply is plumbed through the hoist the air line prevents a trip hazard or inconvenience.
  • The jacks run freely along a channel on spring loaded rollers. When the vehicles weight is lifted the springs compress to stop the jack from rolling. Effectively locking up the jack from moving.
  • An emergency descent is built in to the main hoist and each jack so a customer’s car can still be retrieved even in a power outage.
  • Each jack has multi height safety locks rather than none of only at one height.
  • We supply two jacks because 90% of customers that purchase one jacking beam realise the difficulty of placing jack stands on a four post hoist after they have already financed their purchase and had it fitted.
  • Both jacks retract to the height of the hoist platforms when not in use so low exhausts don’t get ripped off when reversing off of the hoist.
  • The hoist is supplied as standard with wheel alignment facilities.
  • The rear slip plates are not an-add on. They are designed as part of the hoist. We import the hoist this way as having them manufactured into the hoist allows the use of much larger rear slip plate ball bearings. Larger diameter bearings move much more freely than smaller bearings and are less likely to be affected by dirt or foreign particles which so commonly get blown around a workshop. It is very important that a rear slip plate moves freely to allow any wheel alignment system to measure the vehicles alignment change as it’s adjusted. Each ball bearing is replaceable.
  • The hoist is supplied with the normally optioned "single ramp" run up ramps. This does away with the trip hazard which are presented by ramps which are permanently mounted to the workshop floor.
  • Supplied with a remote control so vehicles can be lifted on the jacks without standing under the vehicle. The remote control can also be placed on the wheel alignment machines console meaning the alignment machine and hoist can be operated without the operator moving. This can reduce time and motion losses in your shop. 
  • The hoist is wide enough to accept all common 3D wheel alignment systems in the market.
  • The hoist has SIX bolts holding each post down rather than the industry standard of four. The extra bolts are simply an extra measure to ensure a higher level of safety.
  • The run up ramps supplied with the hoist feature heavily reinforced ribs underneath to prevent the ramps from bending over the years.
  • The run up ramps also have two metal rollers which run the full width of the run up ramp. This is to ensure the longest possible life from the rollers and to minimise the likely hood of the rollers diggin to the cement over the years.
  • 4 post hoist dimensions
  • BulletPro 4 post hoist sectional
  • Goodyear Vermont Vic
  • BulletPro 4 post hoist jack lowered
  • BulletPro 4 post hoist jack raised installed at Automasters

    BulletPro 4 post hoist jack raised installed at Automasters
  • BulletPro 4 post hoist run up ramps
  • BulletPro 4 post hoist six bolts
  • BulletPro locks showing the double locks
  • BulletPro hoist installed at Trax Tyre and Auto Wacol

    BulletPro hoist installed at Trax Tyre and Auto Wacol
  • BulletPro 4 post hoist installed at GoodYear Brendale