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Powerrex SL25TF 2 post 5 ton Clear Floor Hoist

100% Made by Powerrex in Korea. Quality Reliable Affordable


Compatible to handle heavy vehicles with extended height and width

Dual packing hydraulic cylinders for ultimate power & stability

Engineering plastic carriage guide

Different height adjustment of rubber supporting pad

Dual wire structure makes perfect synchronization

Automatic arm locking device

Automatic Electrical Locking System

Cable remote control included


Lifting Capacity 5000kg
Max Height 2010 mm (with 4wd adaptors)
Min Height 130 mm
Max Height 3760 mm

Min Height 3530 mm
Drive-Thru Clearance  2860 mm
Lifting Speed 30 - 50sec. 
Overall Width 3428 mm 
- 1Ph (optional) 2.5HPx3Px220Vx60Hz
- 3Ph (standard) 2HPx5Px380Vx60Hz

  • optional load arm adaptors
  • Dimension