Real 2 Post Clear Floor Lift 4 Ton By Interequip
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REAL 2 post clear floor lift 4 ton (by Rotary Engineering Asia Ltd)

Quality Solid REAL 2 post clear floor hoist 4 ton

Supreme made quality.

Made by Rotary Engineering Asia Ltd.


For questions or to order this hoist please ring Don 0404198699

Manual lock release.

Comes with 100 mm load arm adaptors for 4WD cars.

High performance and durable

RAM type cylinders in each post provides powerful and safety lifting performance.

3 step telescopic front short arms & 2 step telescopic rear long arms.

Comes with tool trolley on the side of the arm.

Automatic arm lock systems.

Patented reinforcement column shape. 

Total height 3748 mm.

High density rubber pad & insert type telescopic pad adapter.

Australian Standard Workcover Registered.

Real world benefits in plain English:

  • The hoist can be assembled at two different heights 3980mm or 3680mm. We recommend the highest setting if possible. This way a 4WD or high roof van/ute can be lifted without the operator having to bend over to work.
  • The hoist is of a twin ram, twin cable, twin lock design. This design is the most reliable and safest in the market.
  • Direct lift hydraulic rams mean there is no lift chains or pulleys. This simplifies maintenance and there are less moving parts to wear.
  • The rams locate into the base of the hoist rather than bolted into the top of the hoist post. This means all of the weight of the vehicle is distributed through the workshop floor. This design means the post is used for stability only, rather than lifting plus stability resulting in a much less stressed post.
  • Hydraulic parachute valves are fitted to the rams. These valves deploy in the unlikely event of a hydraulic hose failure and allow the hoist to descend at a controlled pace to the nearest lock.
  • German technology hoses.
  • A single hose runs from the power pack to the slave side of the hoist. This means there is no "joiner" in the middle of the top cross beam. Therefore there is no chance of an oil leak onto the vehicle if stored for long periods.
  • Each lock is spaced approximately 200mm apart. The locks work at a very low height meaning that you are safe to work under the hoist even if you roll under on a garage creeper.
  • Automatically deploying safety locks. There is no need to remember to engage the locks before walking under a vehicle.
  • Automatically deploying arm locks. The arm locks are made to prevent an arm from being dislocated and allowing the vehicle to fall off of the hoist (the most common way a person gets hurt under a hoist is if an arm lock fails or more commonly if one is overidden or disengaged and then forgotten to be re-engaged). Our hoist arm locks are of a billet steel machined block design which prevent the locks from being permanently overridden and offer the highest resistance to shear forces (they are not cast). They can be manually overridden using a lift knob (rather than a ring pull which can fall down and hold the lock from being disengaged) but automatically re-engage as soon as they are let go. The arm locks automatically dis-engage when the hoist is fully lowered to allow easy arm positioning or removal.  
  • Padded roof bar stops the hoist from raising if it is touched. It takes very little effort to trip this switch. It stops roof racks or high loads from being crushed under the top bar. Please bear in mind this is one of the highest hoists available and to my knowledge the highest at this price range.
  • Asymmetric design means the front arms are shorter than the rear meaning the car is set back slightly on the hoist. This allows the front doors to open wider.
  • Triple telescopic expanding front arms with double telescopic rear. Each arm has its own tool tray built in. Its amazing how much time is added to the productivity of a hoist when technicians don't need to go looking for bolts or waste time sourcing another. The rear Drivers side tray is large enough to hold "breaker bars" or long spanners.
  • The lift pads are a combination of “drop in” and adjustable. They feature a double telescopic thread to allow the pad to get as low as possible. We also supply as standard the 4WD adapters to ensure the lift arms can reach the vehicle chassis without damaging side steps or the vehicle body. We stock longer 187mm extensions as well.
  • Telescopic arms need stop bolts to ensure each stage doesn’t “fall out”. This hoist has the stop bolts built into the sides of the lifting arms or recessed into the arm rather than on the top of the arms. This way the bolts cannot damage lowered vehicle sill panels.
  • The hoist is supplied with a quality Korean made three phase motor but is available with a 240 volt motor at no extra charge.
  • The motor is rubber mounted which keeps its operation as quiet and as smooth as possible.
  • Each hoist (whether 3 phase or 240 volt) is supplied with a heavy duty finned motor with a cooling fan to ensure it stays at correct operating temperature in even the hottest Australian Summer.
  • The quality Korean power pack features a metal oil reservoir to ensure it resists physical damage as much as possible. The oil level is checked via a dip stick.
  • The hoist has “dead man controls” meaning if an operator walks away from the hoist it will automatically stop and the locks are deployed.
  • To raise the hoist simply press one button. To lock press one button. To bring it down simply push one lever. operating the single lever firstly releases the locks then brings the hoist down – one hand operation.
  • Single point locks mean one lever operates both locks. This means there is no need for an operator to walk under a suspended load.
  • We prefer this style of lock release as it is simple and has minimal moving parts. When compared to electric release locks there is no need for electric solenoids, or dedicated electronic boards which are only available from the hoists importer.
  • All electrical parts are locally available. It has simple push buttons and a single 3 phase contactor available at any electrical wholesaler. There are no electronic boards.
  • All switches are independently earthed ensuring we comply with Australian electrical codes.
  • All electrical connectors are a quality multi pin snap fit design rather than single crimp fit bullet terminals.
  • The quality control box has a thermal oveload built in to ensure no motor dmage occurs. 
  • This hoist is also supplied with a voltage transformer to run the switch gear (unique feature). This means there is no need to run an electrical Neutral supply. That makes this hoist a natural choice when replaceing Molnar, screw type Tecalemit, Rotary or BendPak hoists. A transformer is used to ensure minimal electrical load is passed through the switch gear (works the same as a relay on a vehicle). This makes the electrical switch gear last longer.
  • The locks are operated by a simple lock release cable (replacements are available from most hardware stores). This cable runs around dedicated pulleys. We have found the pulleys allow free movement in dirty shop environments, rather than a bicycle cable consisting of an inner and outer. The inner generally drags dirt into the cable sheath every time it is used. This slowly binds up the lock release cable and results in premature failure.
  • Manual down hoists such as these also offer the operator direct control over the descent. The hoist does not go up slightly before coming down as is the case with the electric lock option. This makes lining up transmissions or roo bars much easier.
  • The upper height of the hoist is limited by a switch rather than by simply “topping out” the ram and relying on the operator to take their finger off of the raise button when rams can go no higher. The electric switch shuts off the motor as soon as the car reaches the pre-adjusted lift height. This ensure only the minimum amount of pressure is required to lift any particular vehicle and results in a significantly less stressed pump, motor, hydraulic hoses and rams. The end result is longer life of the components.
  • Low maintenance design running high quality, low wear and replaceable poly carriage slides.
  • We specialise in hoists and actively encourage our prospective customers to compare our products with others using the above checklist.

High quality synchronization wire rope

250 mm height adjustable extension post

High performance durable RAM type cylinders in each post

Manual lock release, hoist goes directly down instead of up and then down

Heat treated strenthen arm lock gear

Roof top protection limit switch touch bar

High density rubber pads and insert type telescopic pad adaptor

3 step telescopic front short arms and 2 step telescopic long rear arms


Comes with 100 mm load arm adaptor (optional 187 mm adaptors)


Lift capacity 4000 kg


Lifting time 45-55 sec


Lifting height 1940 mm


Min height 95 mm

Model: RH-2PKE-4000