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Interequip - Imports Diagnostic scanners lathes, hoists, cooland and gas cleaners from Austrialia
  • Camper Agent

    REAL 2 post clear floor lift 6 ton with extension kit

  • Meher Automotive Italian 3D Aligner

    Italian 3D aligner 100% made in Italy

  • Meher Automotive Italian 3D Aligner

    Very happy with Italian 3D aligner 100% made in Italy

  • Meher Automotive Italian 3D Aligner

    Unique machine easy to use. Accurate and high quality

  • Meher Automotive Elite 4 post alignment hoist

    Super quality and attractive price. Reliable.

  • Meher Automotive Elite JL35A-M 2 post hoists

    Quality and best price value.

  • Bravo Panels and Auto Repairs

    M&B Engineering Italian top TC5000 leverless tyre changer

  • Camper Agent

    Elite BP6X 4 post 6 ton wheel alignment lift made in Korea

  • Just a few of hundreds of happy customers

    To be continued

  • AA Automotive

    "One of the best scan tool I've ever used"


  • Prompt Auto Care

    "I simply just love it"


  • Midas

    "I've seen a lot of scan tools, none of them can do what this can. Awesome!"


  • Midas

    BulletPro JL35A 2 post clear floor lift 4 ton

  • Atlas Body Work

    "Great hoist"

  • Caltex Manly Vale

    "Much better than my other scan tool which cost me over $6000..!"

  • Atlas Body Work

    "Top tool!"

  • Long Reef Garage

    "Best value for money"..Jack

  • Long Reef Garage

    "The Only Scan Tool I Use"...Sam

  • Goodyear Autocare Leichhardt

    "We have 2 other scan tools but we only use this one"...Joe & Rob

  • Allens Auto Electrical

    Just had a VZ and VE GEN 4 in. The Autel gave me the BCM pin to do the PIM link.  The VE had the SS PCM software in it and Tech2 would not recognize the engine. Autel did the CAS error learn and the tranponder keys. I hope they keep this level up. Makes it definitively worth paying for future updates when subscription runs out . I also have another scanner which is supposed to be the latest and best, but it's not near the level the Autel is with Holden

  • Quixspede Service Centre

    "we love the AUTEL, we have 4 other scanner in the workshop and I find myself using the Autel MOST"...Allan

  • Signh Auto Pty Ltd

    Total workshop equipment supplier

  • ACA Transmission

    Hoists at ACA Transmission Prestons NSW

  • Honda Dealership

    Hoist installed at Honda

  • Avalon Mobile Tyre Service

    Brake Lathe, Alignment Scissor Hoist, Wheel Aligner

  • Avalon Mobile Tyre Service

    Italian TC528IT tyre changer and Italian WB277 wheel balancer

  • Taylor Automotive

    Hoist installed at Taylor Automotive

  • Armour MotorSports

    BulletPro 2 post hoist lifting V8 Super Cars

  • Bridgestone

    Bridgestone equipment fit out: full AC refrigerant recharge recycle recover machine with printer. Made in Korea DBLStar disk/drum/flywheel brake lathe

  • Bridgestone

    Bridgestone equipment fit out: VH5 8 sensor CCD bluetooth wheel aligner. Italy leverless tyre changer, Italy WB680 full automatic wheel balancer

  • Bridgestone

    Made in Italy full automatic wheel balancer with monitor

  • Bridgestone

    Italy TC528IT tyre changer with assisting arm and leverless device

  • BulletPro JL30A 2 post base type hoist

    BulletPro JL30A 2 post base type hoist and VH5 8 sensor CCD bluetooth wheel aligner


  • P&G Motors

    throw away other tyre changers. The Italian TC528IT and WB680 works great.

  • Platinum Wheels and Tyres

    Great Equipment. BulletPro JL35A 2 post clear floor hoist. Italian TC528IT tyre changer with help arm

  • Ford

    Great hoists all up and running well

  • P&G Motors

    100% made in Italy TC528IT tyre changer and WB680P laser wheel balancer

  • Amal Mechanical

    BulletPro JL35A 2 post clear floor hoist with optional Korean Hydrotek powerpack

  • Amal Mechanical

    BulletPro JL35A 2 post clear floor hoist with optional Korean motor

  • Top Gear Festival 2014 Display

    Top Gear Festival 2014 Display 

  • Ford Melton

    Great Looking Hoists Elite JL35A-M at Great Price

  • Jim Wall Automotive

    Strong Solid Great Hoist

  • Canberra Motor Works

    Great hoists, BulletPro Elite 2 post and 4 post

  • Presitge Motor

    Great hoists Elite JL35A-M 2 post clear floor lift at great price

  • Trax Tyre and Auto

    Paul invested heavily in Interequip having purchased his entire workshop equipment from us. He was initially worried about buying a product sight unseen however as the products were unpacked and installed he became more relaxed and confident in his choice. Paul (a qualified mechanic) had recently been helping a friend out working in a heavy metal fabrication plant building specialising in truck equipment. He was quite impressed by the quality of welds and the thickness of steel used in our BulletPro hoists. "I have been very happy with the way Interequip have handled my store set up. I'm really happy with the way the entire shop has come together".

    Purchased items: BulletPro Elite 4 ton 2 post hoists, BulletPro BP4XL, M&B Italian TC528IT 28 inch tyre changer, M&B Italian Wheel balancer, M&B Italian wheel aligner, AutoProUp Brake lathe and shop press/spring compressor.

  • Goodyear Brendale Shop Choose Interequip For Vehicle Hoist Equipment

    Initially purchased on price the staff at Goodyear Autocare Brendale in Brisbane's North quickly came to realise their new hoists were well built, easy to use and had some real world benefits which are hard to ignore.  Dave has been on the tools in the automotive industry for over 25 years. He is well over 6 foot tall and was very happy to see the BulletPro hoist lifted higher and was much taller than hoists he had used in the past.

  • Goodyear Vermont South Choose Interequip for A New Shop Fit Out

    Peter and Dean have been mechanics for most of their adult lives and had used many different brands of equipment in many different workshops. This is Peter's second business and Deans first. "We chose Interequip because the quote came in $10,000.00 cheaper than the nearest. Its pretty hard to walk away from a deal like that" Said Peter. "At first I was worried about the quality but as I watched the products being installed I could see they were well built. We're six months down the track now and I'm really pleased with how well the machinery is performing". 

    Prchased items: Italian made M&B Engineering's WA8SBT wheel aligner, WB277 wheel balancer and TC528IT 28 inch tyre changer. They also bought BulletPro BP4X four post, BulletPro Elite 4t 2 post and SL556 scissor lift.