BP2700T 2 post parking lift 3 ton capacity (240V)

Not enough space to park many cars in your garage?

BulletPro BP2700T 2 posts parking lift is a great solution for your garage.

Our lift comes in Black color only. If you want other color, you can make a deposit and we order the lift tailored to your taste

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The maximum lifting height is 210 cm. The maximum lifting weight is 3000 kg suitable for lifting sedan and SUV.
Hydraulic & chain balancing device ensures the balance for both ends when lifting and lowering.
Vehicle platform fully enclosed design: avoid oil leaks goes to the bottom car.
High manufacturing quality: laser cutting structure, easy installation, easy maintenance.
*optional multiple parking lift: two sets parking lift share the same column, for hotels, enterprises and public institutions and residential area*.


Lifting Capacity: 3 ton

Lifting speed: 2 meter/ min

Dimension: 446.6 *256 * 350 cm

Lifting height: 350 cm

Lifting clearance: 210 cm

Platform dimension size: 416.6 * 210 cm

Overall Weight: 1100 kg

Power: AC240V 1 phase

Motor: 2.2 kw

Package dimension: 385 * 100 * 97 cm

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