Carman NGA6000 Portable 4 Gas Gas Analyzer with Printer built-in (Made in Korea)


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  • Outstanding accuracy, stability and durability
  • Upgradeable to five gas [NOx option, when you order]
  • Stand-by for extended pump lifr and low power consumption
  • Automatic adjustment of Warm-up time-2~8 minutes
  • RS@#@ PC-Link kit [software&cables]
  • Elegant appearance
  • Portable [Compact size, light weight]
  • Spare parts kit supplied as standard
  • 5 Stage filtration system for bench protection
  • Compatible with Dyno applications
  • Leak check function to check hose and probe integrity
  • Hold function to pause measurement
  • Official Emission Testing Software
  • Residual HC test
  • Fuel type selection-Petrol, LPG, CNG and Alcohol
  • Stainless steel probe for extended life
  • Built in Printer

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