Mobile Tyre Changer and Balancer 2 in 1 Made in Italy up to 26

Smart Design, Premium Quality Made in Italy. Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer 2 Units in One fitted in a Van or Light Truck for tyres from 13″ up to 26″. Popular in Europe and Usded by Largest Tyre Suppliers in Australia.
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Features of tyre changer:

New electro-hydraulic tyre changer designed for mobile service to operate on truck, bus and car wheels up to a diameter of 26 “. ALWAYS IN LINE working system: thanks to this system the roller and/or the M/D tool work always in a perfect position without damaging the tyre and the rim.

Demounting and mounting system with roller (quick procedure).

LL demounting system (Lever-less) with finger for extremely wide wheels (super single). Mounting procedure with finger to prevent ant damage to the bead.

Stand-by function: the electric motor stops automatically when the machine is not in use to reduce energy consumption and noise.

Emergency hand pump: this system ensures that the working unit returns into the van in case of failure in the electric/hydraulic system.

Security Micro-switches: they prevent any damage to the equipment and to the van.

Control unit: practical, ergonomic and quick to use.

Car wheel demounting with finger without any contact (optional kit).

Features of Wheel Balancer:

New digital hand-spin wheel balancer designed for the mobile service. It ensures the perfect dynamic balancing of all truck, bus, van and car wheels thanks to the application of the 2 weights. Fitted on the tyre changer side (2 in 1 system, patented by M&B), it provides a complete wheel service with reduced space requirement and weight. The WB290 is equipped with the automatic internal data arm for a rapid introduction of the rim’s diameter and the distance. The width is introduced manually.



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