Powerrex SL2950H 2 post clear floor hoist 4.5 ton Made in Korea

Powerrex SL2950H 2 post 4.5 ton clear floor lift DM4 ton two post lift clear floor, 100% made in Korea by Powerrex. 





Powerrex SL2950H 2 post 4.5 ton clear floor lift


Dual packing hydraulic cylinders for ultimate power & stability

3 different height adjustment of rubber supporting pad

Dual wire structure makes perfect synchronization

Automatic arm locking device

Automatic Electrical Locking System

Cable remote control included

Direct Lowering button

Fast power pack takes only about 30 seconds to lift up


Capacity 4.5 ton

Max height 1820 ~ 1875 mm

Min Height 100~155 mm

Overall Width 3413 mm

Drive Thru Clearance 2860 mm

Overall Height 3850 mm

Lifting speed: around 30 sec

Motor: (standard) 3 phase or (optional) 240V single phase

Operation: Control Panel Push Buttons & Cabled Remote Control

Optional 4WD load arm adaptors available

Optional outriggers set available to increase stability

Optional 1 meter extra height kit available to add 1 extra meter in height



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