Powerrex SL5600A Aligner scissor lift 4.5 ton


Wheel alignment scissor lift with two jack for wheel free operation.






Compatible with All Alignment System on the market (Infrared rays, CCD, 3D)

Lockable covered rear slip plates (improved safety with H-beam structure)

Lattice type P.O.M bearing structure for accurate alignment

90mm extended width for more compatibility

Accurate lock gear automatically engage when lift is raised

4 hydraulic cylinder synchronization for maximum power & stability

Easy to adjust balance with synchronization valves

Individual control switch on each rolling jack

Cable remote control included


Max(Capacity) 4,500kg Jack 2,000kg

Max Height 1,850mm Jack 605mm

Min Height 280mm Jack 275mm

Dimension(mm) 2,150WX6, 090LX1, 850H


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