Tyre Changer M&B Engineering TC525PG

Professional and high quality tyre changer 100% made in Italy capable of handling low profile tyres (EMT, RFT, CRS, DSST, PAX, etc.), hard, and large tyres with its tough and strong structure design of 2 locking air cylinders with 80 mm diameter control the 4 self-centre jaws to avoid sudden release of the rim during operation of particularly hard tyres. The innovative design of 4 locking jaws fix range from 10”-22″ for aluminium rims and 12”-24” for steel rims. photo for display purpose only. Actual machine does not come with under-table inflation (optional) and inflation tank (optional).
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Run-Flat-Tyre Instruction for Italy tyre changer series:

(the demo machine has LeverLess system, which is available for optional parts order)

Youtube video:


Motor: 3 phase 415V 2 speed

Pneumatic Pressure: 8-12 bar

Bead Breaking Force: 2500 kg

Wheel Width: 3”-16”

Max Wheel Diameter: 1160 mm (46”)

Net Weight: 238 kg

Rim Diameter (locked internally): 12”-24”

Rim Diameter (locked externally): 10”-22”

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