Vehicle Lift & Hoist

Vehicle Lift and Car Hoist for Sale in Australia.

Interequip has been furnishing vehicle Lift and vehicle raise with top of the line quality. Vehicle crane and vehicle lift are essential need for car hoist workshops since they help specialists in examining vehicles altogether including the undercarriage. They are additionally valuable in replacing tires and doing other standard support errands. Along these lines, even vehicle proprietors can utilize them. Vehicle lifting and investigating is a dangerous activity, and in this way the vehicle crane ought to be sufficient and of good quality. There are various kinds of vehicle lift available to be purchased, yet while choosing one you should remember the weight and stature of your vehicle just as the tallness of your carport. A few cranes are appropriate for low roof carport while others are reasonable for high roof ones. Peruse our tremendous scope of lifts and cranes to satisfy your prerequisite. We import excellent items and flexibly in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji at most reduced cost.

Vehicle Lift & Hoist - Powerrex Made in Korea

Vehicle Lift & Hoist - BulletPro Elite

Vehicle Lift & Hoist - BulletPro

Vehicle Lift & Hoist - Maxima

Vehicle Lift & Hoist - REAL