TC5000 Top Leverless Tyre Changer with Wheel Lift


Operation Video

Check how good the machine is from the operation video:






Top Leverless Tyre Changer Made in Italy with Wheel Lift, Moveable Chuck, Tubeless Inflation System designs. Top Quality and Top Design


Electrical: 240V (1 speed) or 415V (2 speed), 50/60 Hz

Rim Diameter: 10” to 30”

Wheel Width: 3” to 22”

Max Wheel Diameter: 1450 mm

Longitude Chuck Displacement: 285 mm

Hyaraulic Bead Breaker Roller Force: 1400 kg

Pneumatic Supply: 8-12 bar

Hydraulic Pressure: 90/100 bar

Noise Level: 75 db

Net Weight: 556 kg

Designed by iGent Digital

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